2024 General Election Hustings Video

2024 hustings panel of candidates
2024 hustings panel of candidates

The video of the 2024 Glasgow North East constituency general election hustings event held on Monday 24th June is now available for viewing.

The full list of nine candidates was invited. Six attended. We appreciate their participation in what we believe was a successful event, judging by the positive comments received from many of the attendees afterwards.

On that note, thanks also to residents who attended, collectively submitting the numerous suggestions for questions to be put to the panel of candidates. Inevitably we ended up with many more questions than could have been asked in one night. But we made our best effort at selecting a representative sample across a range of topics, intended to provide the audience with the best possible insight into the candidates standing for election.

Rounds of questions were asked on the following local, national, and international topics:

  1. Local amenity funding.
  2. Social security.
  3. Gaza-Israel conflict.
  4. Climate policy.
  5. Education funding.
  6. Trans rights.
  7. The main ‘pain points’ of the area.

The first of those questions came from DCC. Questions in rounds 2-7 were taken from the many suggestions provided on the night by those attending.

The panel of candidates were advised of the format in advance of the event but were, as per the above description, given no briefing on what questions would be asked.

Direct link to video: https://www.facebook.com/DennistounCC/videos/833215432039504/


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