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This is an informal meet-up aimed at getting you motivated to start or finish off any wooly projects! ‘Knotty Knitter’ will be on hand to show the basics to anyone who has no experience. Those with more know-how are welcome too.

The idea is to get together with anyone with an interest, of all levels, share tips, patterns and generally have a blether and a nosey at what other people are making!

Take your current knitting or crochet project. Or, if you haven’t got anything of your own to take, there will be some extra knitting needles or crochet hooks, and some books for anyone looking for ideas. So tell your friends, get your grannies, grab your knitting, and get along on Wednesday 31st August, at 7 Grams Café, Hillfoot Street from 6 until 7.30pm*.

Associated facebook group, ‘Urban Crochet’, here.

*Update (2012-01-02): Since the recent closure 7 Grams Café, the group has been meeting elsewhere.  Check the facebook group, or get in touch with DCC for the latest info.


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3 thoughts on “Knitting/Crochet Group”

  1. I understand that the group has met every Wednesday since it’s inception at the end of August and, with good attendances (and an active facebook group), that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future.

    A quick call to 7 Grams on 0141 556 6238 should confirm that it’ll be on if you’re in any doubt.

  2. Hi Aimee,
    Yes, we have a weekly meet up at 7 Grams Cafe on a Wed night from 6pm until 7.30. Please feel free to drop by! And if you would like to borrow some needles or hooks & wool we always have some spare. There is also a Facebook page called Urban Crochet you might be interested in joining for updates.
    Look forward to seeing you there!

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