Spaces for People ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ Scheme in Dennistoun

We write regarding the Spaces for People ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ scheme in Dennistoun and further to the Dennistoun Community Council (DCC) Statement on Traffic and Streetscape published on Monday 7th December 2020, which was sent to all Dennistoun and Calton Ward Councillors and Cllr Anna Richardson (as City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction).

This was followed-up with further discussion at the January and February DCC meetings, which were attended by local Councillors and are minuted here:

Our most recent DCC meeting, held on 9th March 2021, was attended by more than a dozen members of the public wishing to discuss the scheme. Additionally, approximately 30 items of correspondence have been recently received by DCC, expressing a broad range of sentiments on the scheme. Many residents are greatly concerned by the lack of clear communication from GCC. Notably, some common themes have emerged, regardless of whether sentiment is broadly for or against:

  • Better, safer, provision around schools is generally supported in principle;
  • Better, safer, active travel provision and public transport as a general principle are supported;
  • It is felt that the new no entries and one ways have rerouted traffic, for reasons that have not been clearly explained, to minimal or no obvious benefit at best, or to a clear detriment at worst;
  • Reasons for particular dissatisfaction or concern include: road safety issues created arising from non-compliance of vehicular traffic; increases in volumes of traffic on roads not suited to it; removal of contraflow cycling provision and overall available roadspace; noise concerns; and potential pollution and air quality issues arising if traffic levels are not sufficiently reduced as a counter to the longer through routes created.

DCC therefore seeks answers to the following questions:

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Statement on Bin Collection and Placement

A PDF version of this statement is available here.

This statement is a response from Dennistoun Community Council (DCC) to the Glasgow City Council letter (see here) received by some residents within our boundary area, notifying them of the proposed large on-street domestic bins to be placed imminently.

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Statement on Traffic and Streetscape

A PDF version of this statement is available here.


Dennistoun Community Council (DCC) is keen to see improvements in our streetscape to help create better safer streets for all as part of a thriving sustainable future for Dennistoun.

In recent months this has been primarily via communication with Councillors. Prior to that, DCC has requested that Glasgow City Council carry out a full review of and consultation on traffic and parking issues in Dennistoun. This has been met with some positive engagement but clear strategy and messaging has not been forthcoming. DCC therefore understands the confusion and frustration voiced by some residents when hearing of recent RPZ and LTN proposals.

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