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Dennistoun Community Council Action Plan

2017 Revision

The following have been identified by Dennistoun Community Council as potential general subject areas for future activity:

  • Arts and Quality of Life
  • Better (Public) Services
  • Communication
  • DCC Development
  • Events
  • Funding
  • Green Issues
  • Local Development Issues

Based on discussion and input from residents, and the skills and interests of community councillors, the following is a list of potential projects or actions that have been identified as specific activities that DCC may seek to develop in the future:

  • Duke St Project
  • Basketball Court
  • DCC Meeting Structure
  • Dennistoun Walkabout
  • Community Noticeboards
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Guided Walks
  • Dennistoun Milestone
  • Traffic Management

The DCC Action Plan is under review and amendment, dependent upon available expertise and resources.

2011-2012 Published Action Plan

Dennistoun Community Council Action Plan
Dennistoun Community Council Action Plan

Download a copy of the superseded 2011-2012 version here (PDF).

Glasgow City Council Local Development Plan

Glasgow City Council Local Development Plan
Glasgow City Council Local Development Plan

Download a copy of the DCC response to the LDP here (PDF).

Dennistoun Community Council (DCC) took the opportunity to respond to consultation on Glasgow City Council’s (GCC) draft Local Development Plan (LDP). The LDP will guide future development and investment across Glasgow and, on completion (scheduled to be in 2014), will replace City Plan 2.

Download the GCC Main Issues Summary Report postcard booklet here (PDF).

Glasgow’s proposed new approach looks to build on current strengths, as a place, so that the city can meet the challenges of both the post-recession period and a low carbon future. It has a greater focus on improving health and making Glasgow one of Europe’s most sustainable cities and is structured around six themes:

  • The Sustainable Use Of Resources
  • A Sustainable Strong Economy
  • Sustainable Communities
  • A Sustainable Environment
  • Sustainable Connections
  • Sustainable Design

DCC responded to almost all of the issues highlighted in the draft LDP and noted potential for using the finalised LDP to help ‘re-balance’ the city – with appropriate investment in Glasgow East and a need to support social and economic regeneration in the local area, opportunities around improving Dennistoun’s role as a local town centre, and the potential for improvements at Bellgrove station (linked to High Speed Rail, etc).

Here’s the GCC video, explaining in more detail: