What is a Hustings?

It’s not long until the DCC hustings for the Glasgow North East constituency on Monday 24th June.

Further details about the time, location and venue are available here: dennistouncc.org.uk/2024/06/13/2024-general-election-hustings-glasgow-north-east.

But what is a hustings?

A hustings is an event where political candidates for your constituency answer questions from you, the local voters.

DCC’s general election hustings will be chaired by a community councillor. The candidates will each give brief opening statements, where they will set out their priorities if elected. Then the hustings will be opened to questions from the audience.

How do I ask a question?

Come along to Drygate on the night (doors open at 7pm). You can have your question written down in advance or you can write it down when you arrive, and hand it to one of the community councillors who will be there to assist you.

Will my question definitely be asked?

DCC has invited all nine candidates, and each question will be put to all of those in attendance. Previous DCC hustings have proved very popular, so we will ask as many questions as we can, but we may not be able to get through all of them. If there are a number of questions on the same topic, the chair will select a representative question to put to the candidates.

What if I can’t attend in person?

We plan to live stream the event via our Facebook page and make the video available for viewing thereafter.

Previous Hustings

A video of our 2019 general election hustings is available on our Facebook page.

Direct link to video: https://www.facebook.com/DennistounCC/videos/567798787341327/


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