Glasgow Stalled Spaces

Glasgow Stalled Spaces
Glasgow Stalled Spaces

Glasgow, from its legacy as an industrial city, now has a problem with stalled sites across the city. Glasgow currently has more vacant sites than the rest of Scotland put together. Many of these sites may have plans for future development, however this can be anywhere from one to over ten years until development is scheduled to begin.

Do you wish to breathe life into a non-functional space within your neighbourhood?

The Stalled Spaces project delivers a response to issues relating to poor environmental conditions that have become more prevalent due to economic downturn. This project recognises the opportunities available to use unproductive vacant land on a temporary basis to deliver a range of innovative projects that would benefit local communities.

Can you think of any such space in Dennistoun? Could it be used, temporarily, for a green gym, play space, outdoor exercise, sculpture or exhibition space, outdoor education, arts project, event space, urban beach, park, growing space, or any other innovative idea?

After a successful 1st year with 49 community projects assisted and over 12 hectares of land brought back into temporary use, Glasgow Council in partnership with Glasgow Housing Association are now inviting applications for 2012-13 community Support for Stalled Spaces. Funding is available from a minimum of £1,000 to a maximum of £2,500.

Background information on Stalled Spaces, examples of projects, guidance for applicants, submission deadlines, application criteria, all relevant paperwork and a first point of contact for anyone who wishes to apply for funding can be found at

Get in touch with DCC if you have any ideas or suggestions you think we should be involved with.  But don’t delay!  The closing date for applications is 2nd of April.


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