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Dennistoun Community Council is collecting pothole information for the local area, and we need your help to identify where they are.

It was recently reported that 40% of drivers in Scotland have had their car damaged by potholes over the past two years.  They are particularly prevalent in Glasgow, and we have our share throughout Dennistoun. Without any easily scrutinised public record of which potholes have been reported, it is possible that responsibility for damage claims can be deflected.

Glasgow Council are obliged to repair potholes but, to be fair, it can’t do so if they aren’t being reported – and how many of us taken the time to call the ‘pothole hotline’ or file an online report?

So Dennistoun CC is asking you to provide us with locations of any potholes that you know of (contact details below).  We will then submit the data to the ‘pothole hotline’, collect a reference number for each pothole reported, and post the references online.

The locations of the potholes can be on footways as well as road carriageways: all we need is a description of the location.

The best case scenario would be rapid repairs but, if not, the potholes will at least be a matter of public record and the council will be liable for claims due to damage or injury after a reasonable period has elapsed.

Please supply the location of potholes below, and these can also be on the pavements, not just the roads.

You can provide us with the pothole locations in a number of ways:

Or, if you’d prefer to report defects directly:

  • Call RALF (Roads & Lighting Faults) on 0800 373635.
  • Download and report via the My Glasgow app for your Android, Apple, or BlackBerry phone or tablet.

If you require more information, there is a dedicated pothole website at Potholes.co.uk providing further facts and figures, and advice on how to make pothole-related claims.


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3 thoughts on “Potholes”

  1. Locations reported so far, with relevant reference number for each one.

    In carriageways:

    North Side of Duke St by drain opposite Annbank St – 24661
    On Gallowgate heading into city centre multiple between Millroad Drive and Claythorn St – 24662
    On Whitehill at Junction with Alexandra Parade coming out of Iceland/Co-Op car park – 24663
    Sunken drain outside BP petrol station on Alexandra Parade – 24664
    Wildly uneven patched road on Milbank St at Alexandra Parade – 24665
    Traffic lights on Alexandra Parade at Craigpark – 24666
    Gutter on exit from Lady of Good Counsel Car park on Craigpark – 24667
    Hole in centre of road outside 17 Craigpark Drive – 24668
    On Duke Steet as one turns left out of Westercraigs – 24670
    On Bathgate St on intersection with Duke Steet – 24673
    On pedestrian crossing at Duke St and Garfield St – 24677
    On Garfield St on intersection with Duke Steet – 24674
    On Whitevale St on intersection with Duke Steet – 24678
    Final 100 yards down Onslow Drive before Craigpark down centre – 24679
    In road outside 139 Finlay Drive – 24681
    On Finlay Drive Intersection with Armadale St section from Meadowpark – 24682
    In road outside 53 Meadowpark – 24684
    On Garthland Drive Intersection with Armadale St section from Whitehill – 24685
    Duke St Between Melbourne St and Barrack St in both directions, particularly outside Tennants brewery – 24686
    Sunken Drains on Cumbernauld Rd at Alexandra Park St – 24687
    Dunchattan St at top before Broompark Drive – 24704
    In middle of Dunchattan St – 24706
    Cumbernauld road at bus stop near off licence by Aberdour St 24708
    Bottom end of Wishart St – 24711
    Top end of Wishart St – 24712
    Plenty down Cardross St – 24710

    In footways:

    Great pit in pavement on corner of Craigpark Drive and Craigpark – 24716
    Driveway into flats opposite 203 Onslow – 24717
    Uneven pavement outside 235 Onslow Drive – 24719

  2. apologies if this is duplication. Significant pothole on road as you enter Kennyhill Square/Eastercarigs at Lea rig unavoidable and in attempt to do so risks your car hit another car. many thanks

  3. The potholes are particularly bad on Reidvale Street just off of Bellgrove ! It is a very busy little street and some of the worst ones are at the junction.

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