2015 Meetings

Dennistoun Community Council 2015 Meetings
Dennistoun Community Council 2015 Meetings (Click for PDF)

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Dennistoun CC

Dennistoun CC's aim is to ascertain, coordinate and express the views of the wider community. It seeks to promote the Dennistoun area as a positive and inclusive neighbourhood.

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  1. Hello, I would like to enquire on a conversation that I had earlier on, is it true that MP Willie Bain has never attended a DCC meeting.

    David McHarg

    1. The answer would appear to be yes.

      It is certainly true for the period dating back as far as any of the current cohort of community councillors has been involved with Dennistoun CC (ie the four years since January 2011). Comprehensive records prior to that, dating back the additional year or so to when Mr Bain took office as an MP (following the Glasgow North East by-election in November 2009), are not on hand – but based on the minutes that are currently available, the same record of attendance would appear to apply.

      Section 8b of the minutes for the ordinary meeting held on 14th October 2014 notes information on the attendance record of various elected representatives at Dennistoun CC meetings and is probably the source of the information provided to you in the conversation you mention. See the Minutes page of this site for a copy.

      All persons and organisations listed on the Representatives page of this site are invited to each monthly meeting (and provided with an agenda, a correspondence summary and draft minutes of the previous meeting). The exceptions to that are the MEPs (who represent the whole of Scotland and cannot reasonably be expected to attend). The regular addition to the list of invited parties is Police Scotland, who almost always attend (as well as providing an update and fielding questions).

      1. Thank you for your quick response to my enquiry, it appears to be somewhat of a trend of being Conspicuous by absence at many CC meetings, again thank you.


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