Next Meeting: 10th October 2017

You are warmly invited to attend the AGM and ordinary meeting of Dennistoun Community Council, which will take place on Tuesday 10th October, 7pm, at Whitehill Secondary venue changed to Salvation Army Hall, 265 Craigpark Drive, G31 2TW. Full agenda and venue details available here.

Police and elected members will provide updates. Some time is allocated for general public input in the early part of meetings. Requests for specific items requiring a dedicated time slot to be added to the agenda should be directed to the secretary a fortnight in advance of any upcoming meeting. Contact details here. Alternatively, you may address the meeting, by request to the chair, under the ‘public input’ agenda item.


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Dennistoun CC

Dennistoun CC's aim is to ascertain, coordinate and express the views of the wider community. It seeks to promote the Dennistoun area as a positive and inclusive neighbourhood.

4 thoughts on “Next Meeting: 10th October 2017”

  1. I cannot make meetings on a Tuesday but interested to know we have community police officers for this area as I have not seen one in years and the last time I tried to contact them, left a message, no one ever got back to me. Maybe you could raise this issue with them and perhaps get a direct number for the community police department? Thanks

    1. I understand that you’ve been contacted directly with a response to this enquiry but, for the attention of any member of the public wishing to contact a community police officer, the advice given by the police officers in attendance at the November meeting was that the 101 service should be able to connect the call if you request to speak to the ‘Problem Solving Team at London Road’.

      1. Hello. I do not recall being contacted before now on this matter, but thanks for letting me know now.

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