Duke Street Post Office Relocation and Consultation

Duke Street Post Office
Duke Street Post Office

The Post Office are proposing to relocate Duke Street Post Office from 1 Annfield Place, G31 2XT to a concession within a new retail premises at 322-324 Duke Street, G31 1QZ (previously Market Gallery) in April 2018.

The Post Office believes this to be the most effective way to secure the long term viability of Post Office services in this area of Glasgow, and for services in the community to be safeguarded for years to come. The vast majority of the 11,600 Post Office branches, large and small, are operated as a concession with retail partners and it is deemed to be the best approach to keeping Post Offices in main shopping locations and at the heart of communities where they play an important role in local economies.

Prior to the move, The Post Office are holding a consultation. It can be found at postofficeviews.co.uk/national-consultation-team/duke-street-g31-2xt-016832. Deadline for responses is 21st February 2018.

Your views on the proposal are sought, to help inform these plans, particularly on the following areas:

  • How easy is it to get to the proposed new location?
  • Are the new premises easy for you to get into and are they easily accessible once inside?
  • Are there any other local community issues which you believe could be affected by or affect the proposed move?
  • If the move were to proceed is there anything that could be done do to make it easier for customers?

It is noted that the change of management of the branch to one that is operated by a retail partner rather than by the Post Office directly is a commercial decision and therefore feedback on this aspect of the change is not are being sought

Post Office Ltd will also host a customer forum in the coming weeks, and everyone will be welcome to attend to hear more about the proposed new location. Details of this event are currently being finalised and further information will be provided in branch.

At the end of the consultation The Post Office will write to anyone who has provided feedback to the consultation to respond to the main issues raised and to explain the final plans.

The proposal letter can be read by clicking here or on the below image.

Duke Street Post Office Proposal Letter
Duke Street Post Office Proposal Letter



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