Flight Path Drop-in Meeting

Glasgow Airport
Glasgow Airport

Dennistoun Councillor Kim Long has arranged a drop-in meeting with Glasgow Airport in relation to the new flightpath consultation, to allow members of the public to meet directly with airport staff and find out how these changes may affect them. This meeting will be held between 5pm and 8pm on Wednesday 28th March at Whitehill Secondary School, Onslow Drive, Dennistoun, G31 2QF.

The public consultation on the proposals is open online until 13th April. See our previous post here for further details on how to take part.

One of the proposed routes Glasgow Airport is proposing to introduce is called SID FLEMN, will fly over Germiston, Alexandra Park and Haghill.

For reference, a map showing the proposed new flightpaths and altitudes is shown below (and available via this link):

Additional details:

  • “SID FLEMIN would be in use between the hours of 0600-2259.”
  • “It would not be in use between 2300-0559.”
  • “We anticipate there would be less than four aircraft per hour using the route.”
  • “In terms of altitude, information from our major carriers who would use SID FLEMIN suggests they will be at an altitude of between 6,000 to 7,000 feet by the time they reach Dennistoun.”
  • “This would be between 50-70 decibels, which is a rough noise equivalent to between a quiet office, conversational speech 1m away and a vacuum cleaner 1 metre away.”

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