Dennistoun Dog Fouling Initiative

Report Dog Fouling: Phone 0800 027 7027
Report Dog Fouling: Phone 0800 027 7027

Who allows their dog to foul this area and does not clean it up?

Dog fouling threatens the health of the local community, particularly young children, so it is a priority of Glasgow City Council to make sure our public spaces are clean, safe, and free of dog mess.

If you allow a dog in your control to foul in a public place it is your responsibility to dispose of the mess. Failure to dispose of it properly means you are liable for an £40 on the spot fine.

In the coming weeks the council will be stepping up the enforcement activity in our area. This will include Enforcement Officers actively monitoring the area for dog fouling offenders and issuing fixed penalty tickets, as well as the use of CCTV and stronger action to ensure that people pay fines when they are issued.

Cllr Gordon Matheson,  leader of Glasgow City Council, said:

“It is dirty, dangerous and antisocial. For some reason, a minority of people think this behaviour is perfectly acceptable. Even worse, they think they’ll never be caught. I want to turn that on its head. We are going to target dog fouling with a much heavier hand, using intense resources. We will chase payment from people who are fined. We will impound dogs if they are not under proper care and control. Ultimately, that will mean going to court to argue that some people are just not fit to look after an animal and to put their dog into a better home where it will be properly cared for.”

GCC have also written to Dennistoun residents in response to complaints regarding dog fouling in our area. They are asking for your help to improve the situation. You are encouraged to support the initiative by providing GCC with information about irresponsible dog owners.

Your reward? A Cleaner Safer Glasgow.

Dennistoun Dog Fouling Initiative Letter
Dennistoun Dog Fouling Initiative Letter

If you have information that would help them identify those responsible for the dog fouling problem then please free phone the Clean Glasgow hotline 0800 027 7027, with the following information:

  1. Name of dog owner, if known;
  2. Address of dog owner, if known;
  3. Time and location of offence, and
  4. Description of owner and dog.

Click here, or on the thumbnail image, for a PDF of the Dennistoun dog fouling initiative letter from GCC.

There's no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy
There’s no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy

Keep Britain Tidy has more information, facts, and figures about dog fouling here.

Note: For a list of useful helplines for reporting other kinds of incidents and antisocial behaviour, you are encouraged to take a look at our extensive HELP! section at  In addition to telephone numbers for many other GCC departments (including those responsible for dealing with refuse and noise complaints), you’ll also find a number of other handy emergency and non-emergency contact detailss for the police, fire service, gas, electric, water companies etc.  There are phone numbers relating to the health and wellbeing, too (humans and animals!) .  Consider bookmarking it or adding it to your favourites list for future reference.


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