Dennistoun Oral History Project

Dennistoun Oral History Project
Dennistoun Oral History Project

What was Dennistoun like? Where did you go to school? Where did you play? Who were your pals? Where did you meet? Where did you work? What were the shops like?

Dennistoun Conservation Society want to hear your stories.  If you could spare some time to retell your memories, please get in touch with them.

Help make history by telling your Dennistoun stories.  And if you know someone with stories of their own please tell them what DCS are doing.

A good number of people have already pledged to participate in the project but there is still time to join in. There is a memory box in Dennistoun Library where you can pick up postcards to fill in (PDF of postcard here). You can also contact DCS through their website with your name and contact information and they will get in touch with you. Or write to The Secretary, 6 Westercraigs, Glasgow, G31 2HZ or email DCS via

Dennistoun Palais
Dennistoun Palais

To help you rekindle some of those memories, perhaps you might like to browse some of the online photo archives and resources listed in our Links section, e.g. Virtual Mitchell, The Glasgow Story, Scran Archive, etc.


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