Next Meeting: December 13th 2011

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 13th, 7pm at Whitehill School.

Full agenda available here.

Time has been allocated for consideration of the recent developments that have taken place on Onslow Square.  A discussion about it has been taking place on the Dennistoun Online forum, here (independent third party site, views unconnected to DCC).

All meetings of the community council are open to members of the public, who have a right to attend all community council meetings, and are warmly invited to do so. They may contribute to discussion of agenda items with the consent of the chairperson.

Refreshments and seasonal baking will be provided.

Requests for specific items to be included on the agenda of the next community council meeting (Tuesday, January 10th 2012) must be intimated in writing fourteen days prior to the commencement of said meeting (Tuesday, December 27th 2011). Contact details here.


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