Glasgow Factoring Commission – Call for Written Evidence

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The Leader of Glasgow City Council, Councillor Gordon Mathieson, has established a Factoring Commission, chaired by Mrs Jean Charsley (Hillhead Community Council), with the aim of establishing a blueprint for how common property can best be managed and maintained in our city.

As part of its work, the Commission is issuing a public call for evidence, inviting interested parties to register their views and supporting evidence regarding common property management in the city.

Dennistoun Community Council has a representative on the forthcoming monthly meetings who can act as a link between the Commission and residents of Dennistoun.  Using that link is not a necessity though: should you wish to do so, you may submit evidence directly to the Commission.

The Call for Evidence is seeking to collate a range of property management and maintenance experiences around seven key questions:

  1. What are the key problems/issues being experienced by owners with respect to factoring/property management services?
  2. What are the key problems/issues being experienced by factors/property managers in providing factoring/property management services?
  3. How satisfactory are the procedures used in resolving complaints/disputes between owners and factors/property managers?
  4. How can owner/consumer experiences of factoring services be improved and what opportunities are there for introducing improvements?
  5. What are the issues facing owners where properties are not factored and how can owners be helped to address these issues?
  6. The Commission is interested in good practice of property management where arrangements are working well, and/ or where issues have been resolved satisfactorily.  Please provide examples.  What actions can be taken in Glasgow to grasp and/ or replicate these examples?
  7. What are the wider impacts of an absence or minimal level of property management?

The closing date for written evidence is Monday 3rd September 2012.  You are advised to refer to the submission policy notes on providing evidence to the Commission (PDF here).  Written evidence of no more than four sides of A4 can be submitted by email to or to: Factoring Commission, Housing Services, Development and Regeneration, Services, Glasgow City Council, 231, George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX.

NB: It should be noted that the Commission cannot investigate or resolve individual property management/factoring disputes.


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