Skill/Trade project at Market Gallery

Market Gallery Skills/Trade
Image: Ivan Walsh via flickr

A call is being put out to programmers, researchers, artists, educators, and thinkers within the Dennistoun community who are able to participate with the exciting new ‘Skill/Trade’ project based at Duke Street’s Market Gallery.  Skill/Trade will have an emphasis on trading and exchange rather than monetary transactions.

Gayle Meikle is leading the project.  She is a local artist who lives and works in Dennistoun, and would love to speak to or meet any interested parties during the next week for an initial chat to discuss the new project further.  If you are interested, please get in touch by Friday the 17th of August (see contact details below).

Following on from that, the first planned event of the project, a ‘BarCamp’, will be taking place at Market Gallery on Saturday the 25th of August.  A BarCamp is an open workshop event, with content provided by participants, and an aim of solving a problem together through the expertise and individual experience of those present.

This BarCamp will focus on how to create a skills directory for a gallery that wants to become more socially engaged within its environment.  The term ‘skills’ is open to interpretation, and can be expanded beyond.  The ultimate aim is to compile a central database for all local amenities, resources, materials, and labour available to Market and it’s affiliates, audience, and participants.

The event will run from 11am until problem is resolved. Refreshments will be supplied.

All enquiries about the ‘Skill/Trade’ project and the BarCamp should be directed to Gayle via  Further information about Market Gallery can be found at  Some more info and background on BarCamps can be found here.


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