Code of Conduct for Property Factors

Code of Conduct for Property Factors
Code of Conduct for Property Factors

Dennistoun Community Council has been asked for help on number of occasions with regard to a variety of factoring issues.

The unfortunate situation is that so many variables affect your relationship with a property management company. These can depend on the title deeds to your property, the agreement signed with a factoring company, and conditions in place that you were informed about when you bought your property.

A person in one property may be bound by title deeds terms and conditions that have no relevance for their neighbour in the next close. As there is no universal answer to so many factoring problems, Dennistoun Community Council suggests you read the Code of Conduct for Property Factors.

This Code came into operation in October 2012, along with a legal obligation for all factors to register (background info here). While the Code of Conduct is voluntary, consistent disregard by a factor could see them de-registered. The legislation also set up Housing Panels, a mechanism for intervening in disputes with factors if the initial complaint procedure still leaves a house owner unsatisfied.

You can read the Code of Conduct for Property Factors online at or, alternatively, download a PDF copy here, which is suitable for printing, copying and distribution.


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