Information Day in Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park (Photo by Glasgowfoodie via Flickr)

Glasgow City Council would like to invite you to visit Alexandra Park on Saturday 14th March between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Parks proposals for 2015 will be on display and there will an opportunity to discuss these with Council Officers. There will also be the opportunity to join The Friends of Alexandra Park and thereby shape the future of the Park.

Glasgow City Council Land & Environmental Services intends to carry out important improvement works within Alexandra Park. These include heritage refurbishment work to the Saracen Fountain and its immediate surround and to the Cruikshank Cherub. Additional naturalisation works are also proposed following the success of work already completed at the former model boating pond. Habitat management is also required in and around the duck pond which is a designated Site Important to Nature Conservation.

An extensive tree survey carried out in September 2014 identified the need for essential tree management including the removal of trees under Duty of Care and for selective tree thinning to ensure a more stable and long term tree cover in the park. Replacement tree replanting will occur to accord with the historic design of the park.

Footpath repairs and upgrades will be undertaken along with the installation of way markers identifying a designated measured running circuit through the park. These footpath works will be carried out in tandem with refurbishment of gates and access points. There will also be programmed works to enhance play and introduce more inclusive play facilities and opportunities.

Given the nature and scale of these works it is important to engage with local communities. The information day has been organised to allow members of the public to come along and see the proposals and speak to officers.


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