Presentation at the Dennistoun Photographers Studio

Nothing is Lost
Nothing is Lost

Chris Leslie is giving a talk at the Dennistoun Photographers studio on Tuesday the 1st of September, from 7-9pm. The studio presentation will be about the “Nothing is Lost” project.

Chris (Photography) along with Alison Irvine (Words) and Mitch Miller (Dialectograms) set out to document the East End before, during and after the Commonwealth Games. Three artists, three artforms, one city, a shared sensibility.

The story takes us from the glamour of the Barrowland Ballroom to the hidden communities caught in the crossfire of major regeneration. It taps into the hopes, fears and dreams of East End youth and the fading memory of demolished districts and East End entrepreneurs.

The event takes place at Green City Studios, 23 Fleming Street, Glasgow, G31 1PQ.

Check out the Dennistoun Photographers Facebook page for more info about the group.

Dennistoun Photographers
Dennistoun Photographers

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