Dennistoun Photographers

Dennistoun Photographers
Dennistoun Photographers

Are you interested in learning photography? Why not go along to the first ever meeting of the Dennistoun Photographers group on Tuesday 23rd April 2013, at 6:30pm?

The aim is to promote interest and active participation in all aspects of photography and to arrange a weekly programme of events covering basic techniques, practical evenings, demonstrations and visual presentations.

Come along, share ideas, and learn camera techniques in an environment of encouragement. Whether you have an old 35mm in the attic or no camera at all there’ll be something for you at Dennistoun Photographers group.

The meeting takes place at The Salvation Army Corps, 265 Craigpark Drive, Glasgow, G31 2TW. [July 2014 update: The group have a new home in the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre and meet on a Monday evening from 7pm-9pm. August 2015 update: The group are now based at Green City Studios, 23 Fleming Street, Glasgow, G31 1PQ.]

If you want to know more, get in touch via  Or, better still, just pop along and see what it’s all about.  You can also follow their Facebook page here.

The group is also putting out an appeal to anyone who has any old camera equipment they don’t use any more and would like to donate it. It would be most appreciated as it would really benefit people with no camera equipment of their own.  Dennistoun Photographers want as many people to come along as would like, and for those without a camera to not see that as an obstacle to participation.


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