Dennistoun and You?

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Dennistoun, and the neighbourhoods and communities within it make up a positive, inclusive area that Dennistoun Community Council (DCC) is proud to be a part of. The community councillors of DCC strive to understand, coordinate, and express your views and priorities.

This website is exactly ten years old! We’ve had a presence on Facebook and Twitter for very nearly as long, too. More recently, we added Instagram to the fold. The Community Council has a history that goes back much further than that, though.

The menu bar on our site has a tag cloud of ‘subjects mentioned’ if you fancy browsing through some of the things we’ve been involved in during the past decade. Or you can start from the beginning of the site, here. And all the approved minutes are available for reference, too.

As we look to build on past activities and move forward towards a future through, and beyond, our current situation, we’re looking for organisations who are active in the Dennistoun area, or individuals who would like to be more involved without necessarily becoming one of the current community councillors, to join DCC as Associate Members up to October 2021. At that point we’ll review Associate Members for a 12-month term at our AGM.

Do you have any particular skills, knowledge or experience which you would like to share with DCC? For example, could you work with us on any of the following:

  • promoting Dennistoun as a positive and inclusive neighbourhood;
  • responding to local issues regarding crime and community safety, planning and development, quality and improvement of local services, facilities and amenities;
  • working to promote the arts and/or sports as part of local regeneration.

You don’t need to be based or live within our community council boundary.

If interested, please email us as to tell us how you would like to be involved, before our next Ordinary Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 9th March.

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Dennistoun CC

Dennistoun CC's aim is to ascertain, coordinate and express the views of the wider community. It seeks to promote the Dennistoun area as a positive and inclusive neighbourhood.

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