Consultations Roundup: Early 2022

A list of consultations currently underway is provided below, with deadlines for contributions also noted. Many of these feed into long-term decision-making that will (either directly or indirectly) define multiple aspects of our lives and surroundings in Dennistoun, Glasgow, and beyond over the coming months and years.


Dennistoun to Cranhill Liveable Neighbourhood (GCC, local event to be scheduled for Feb 2022)

Buchanan Galleries (by Landsec, registration until spring 2022, initial engagement in spring-summer 2022)

Increasing Women’s Safety Together (by Wise Women and Girls Club Glasgow, until 1 Mar 2022)

Gambling Policy Statement 2022 (GCC, ends 11 Mar 2022)


Assessment of Wellbeing – children and young people (ScotGov, until 4 Feb 2022)

Wellbeing and living with COVID protection measures (ScotGov, until 13 Feb 2022)

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS) (ScotGov, until Mar 11)

Pavement parking prohibitions (Transport Scotland, until 11 Mar 2022)

Investing in Scotland’s Future – Government spending priorities (ScotGov, until 27 Mar 2022)

Local development planning (ScotGov, until 31 Mar 2022)

Open Space Strategies and Play Sufficiency Assessments (ScotGov, until 31 Mar 2022)

National litter and flytipping strategy (ScotGov, until 31 Mar)

National Planning Framework 4 – Planning priorities for delivering net zero sustainable, liveable, productive, distinctive places (ScotGov, until 31 Mar 2022)

Prevention of Homelessness Duties (ScotGov and Cosla, until 31 Mar 2022)

Reduction of car kilometres by 20% by 2030 (Transport Scotland and Cosla, until 6 Apr 2022)

Strategic Transport Projects Review (Transport Scotland, until 15 Apr 2022)

A New Deal for Tenants (ScotGov, until 15 Apr 2022)

For past consultations which DCC has publicised and/or engaged with, see

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