Dennistoun and Royston Parking Survey

Dennistoun And Royston Parking Survey Extract
Dennistoun And Royston Parking Survey Extract

Glasgow City Council arranged for an external contractor to carry out parking surveys in five of the areas where commitments have been made to proposing parking controls. The parking survey results for the Dennistoun and Royston area have now been made available.

A full size PDF of the drawing can be viewed here. Alternatively, a larger version of the above image can be viewed here.

A spreadsheet of data has also been provided, which includes a description of the information that has been gathered, and how the results were achieved. It can be downloaded here.

Further details on future plans have not been made available at this stage, but any feedback or queries that you have on the surveys and results can be submitted to GCC via

DCC understands that any future proposal will take into account the findings of the Liveable Neighbourhood process (Stage 1 report update here and Stage 2 report update here), and the Spaces for People ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhood’ scheme (aka one way streets and planters outside schools) introduced in 2020/21 (round-up here).

For reference, details of the Restricted Parking Zone proposed by GCC in July 2019 can be found here, with a list of answers to frequently asked questions provided here.


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