Open Day at Glasgow Necropolis

Jane Buchanan
Jane Buchanan

On Saturday 16th April, from 12 to 3pm, The Friends of Glasgow Necropolis will take half hourly introductory tours of the Necropolis.

They are trying to contact as many people of the name Buchanan as possible to raise awareness of the campaign to restore the Buchanan Sisters Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum is dilapidated and neglected but still imposing with the wonderful urns sculpted by the famous Mossman family. They are in the early stages of raising £45,000 through tours and donations and to restore the Mausoleum with approval of Historic Scotland.

Margaret, Jane and Elizabeth Buchanan were beautiful, unmarried and rich but spent their fortune, which is the current equivalent of £4m, on improving the lives of the sick and poor especially of the name Buchanan.

All the volunteer guides will be there to take tours and answer questions. There will also be a presentation in the Necropolis Gatehouse just beyond the Cathedral Precinct Gates.  All donations on the day will go towards the restoration work.

Further information about the campaign can be sought via or click here read the full story on the newly relaunched Friends of Glasgow Necropolis website.

Buchanan Sisters Mausoleum
Buchanan Sisters Mausoleum

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