Regeneration of Former Bellgrove Abattoir and Meat Market Site

Former Abattoir and Meat Market Site off Duke Street and Bellgrove Street between Dennistoun and Collegelands
Former Abattoir and Meat Market Site off Duke Street and Bellgrove Street between Dennistoun and Collegelands

Interested in the regeneration of the former abattoir and meat market site off Duke Street and Bellgrove Street between Dennistoun and Collegelands? Then get along to Dennistoun Library on Thursday 14 December between noon and 8pm to find out about Glasgow City Deal plans to develop the site, with housing to be built in the first phase.

The meat market closed in July 2001 and was demolished in 2007.

The Collegelands Calton Barras City Deal Project aims to unlock the area’s development potential and enable the continuation of economic activity from the city centre to the East End and the progression of the existing Calton Barras Action Plan by improving infrastructure, quality of land and travel connections supported by £27m investment. This investment should deliver an integrated, attractive and resilient neighbourhood in the inner east end of Glasgow. The project combines site remediation, increasing connections into and out of the area and public realm improvements.

The key elements of the project include enabling rail infrastructure; the Calton Barras Action Plan; and site remediation and access at the Collegelands and former Bellgrove Abattoir/Meat Market.

The intended benefits to the community are:

  • Vacant and derelict land remediated and brought back into use
  • New footpaths, roads and cycle routes will be created
  • New homes built
  • Increased commercial space created

Further information about this project can be found via the following links:

Previous plans for the site, as announced in December 2007 – “Dawn win Bellgrove competition with £30million financial offer” – can be found on the Urban Realm website here.


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6 thoughts on “Regeneration of Former Bellgrove Abattoir and Meat Market Site”

  1. Hello. In regard to the regeneration of the Duke Street/Bellgrove Abbatoir.. I am under the impression that this site comes under Calton (as I have been informed from my local councillors), so why is Dennistoun Community Council involved?
    In addition, will the housing be with the local housing associations and if so, how do people apply? I have concerns about the natural wildlife that lives in this area and have done for many years now – what happens to it? Hopefully it will help to eradicate the amount of car parking that is done on the SouthWest part of Bellgrove and Duke street as this is an ongoing problem since the area became vacant.
    I would appreciate a response, please.

    1. DCC is not hosting this event – we’re just publicising it. DCC routinely monitors the progress of proposed developments adjacent to the DCC area, especially when the knock-on effects are as potentially extensive as they are expected to be in relation to this site. Please also note that the Dennistoun community council boundary is not aligned with the Dennistoun city council ward boundary. There is some overlap: the area east of Bellgrove Street south of Duke Street but north of the railway is, indeed in the Calton city council ward, but also within the Dennistoun community council boundary. As noted there are specific parking issues at this location and we have a working group investigating the scope of these issues and any potential solutions.

      1. Thanks for your response and dealing with the ongoing issue of illegal/dangerous parking. I will be along tomorrow at the library to see what its all about.

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