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Dennistoun Diggers Gardening Workshops
Dennistoun Diggers Gardening Workshops

Ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food but not had the chance? Live in a flat with no space to grow? Love to eat healthy food but find it too expensive?

If so, get along to Dennistoun Diggers’ community garden – a space (with tools to use) for friendly people from the community who want to to grow, exchange tips, share knowledge or just hang out.

From Tuesday 5th June, from 6pm to 8pm, the first of a series of six weekly workshops will be held at the garden, covering a variety of gardening basics, with flexible content that can be be decided by participants. It will include indoor as well as out door gardening tips and ideas.

The garden can be found at 42-44 Circus Drive (round the back of the building – you have to look as it is slightly hidden).  You can go to all of them or just drop into ones you are most interested in.

More info at their website, on facebook, or contact them via email at


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