The Dennistoun Big Dig 2014

The Dennistoun Big Dig 2014
The Dennistoun Big Dig 2014

You are invited to join some Dennistoun folk in celebrating the coming of springtime with some fresh air and gentle exercise.

A mass planting and shrubbery trim to enhance and protect the near Firpark Terrace green area on the Dennistoun side of the Necropolis wall is to take place as part of the Big Dig, starting at 11am on Saturday 22nd March 2014.

The aim is to dig in 500 plants and tidy up some of the existing ragged shrubbery alongside the venerable walls. Obtaining the plants was made possible as a result of donations from Dennistoun Community Council, Friends of Glasgow Necropolis and Dennistoun Conservation Society. There will be help from the gardeners in the Necropolis on the day as well as some people who take part in the monthly clean up of Dennistoun.

Everyone is welcome. Big muscles can do the digging and those with dodgy backs and knees can help with the rest.

Can you lend a hand – even for a short time? All efforts greatly appreciated.

Firpark Terrace
Firpark Terrace (Click to go to map)

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