Response to Low Emission Zone Consultation

A PDF version of this consultation response is available here.

Whilst the coverage of the city centre Paramics model encompasses fully both proposed LEZ boundaries, the coverage does not include fully routes which non-compliant vehicles may be displaced onto and is apparently just moving the problem to residential areas near the eastern boundary.

Despite the consultation to understand the impacts of displaced vehicles within the city centre and wider area the assumption appears to be that by 2023 the majority of vehicles on the road needing access to the LEZ area will be compliant.

That is a big assumption and if this assumption is incorrect the area to the east of the LEZ, i.e. Dennistoun, will be used as a park and ride for people accessing the city centre unless the proposed Restricted Traffic programme has reached Dennistoun before 2023.

The Route A map which has been selected indicates that traffic displaced from High Street onto John Knox Street would then turn left onto Duke Street onwards to Barrack Street and also perhaps Bellgrove (not shown on the map). The traffic would then have to weave its way through residential areas to get to Greendyke Street and the Albert Bridge heading south.

The speed of traffic from Motorway is very high currently on High Street and John Knox Street and there is a huge back up of traffic on John Knox Street at certain times of day even without the displaced traffic.

This traffic also runs past sheltered housing. Both John Knox Street and Wishart Street have no pedestrian crossings apart from bottom and top of both streets at the traffic lights. This puts people in danger crossing to access the bus stop, the Glasgow Necropolis, Drygate etc.

The traffic situation in both these streets is shambolic at present and using the proposed LEZ boundary A rather than B will make things considerably worse.

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