The 2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt

The 2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt
The 2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt

The Dennistoun Treasure hunt is an event that was organised in 2009 and 2010 by Dennistoun Community Together. DCT is no longer active, but Dennistoun Community Council is proud to be able to ensure that the Treasure Hunt lives on!

Every primary school child in Dennistoun received an entry form from their teacher inviting them to identify the (animal shaped) letters in the window displays of various local participating shops and businesses between Tuesday September 20th and Tuesday September 27th. Once completed, the entry forms are submitted back to their teacher.

Prior to the start of the Treasure Hunt, some primary school classes had contributed various pieces of artwork which was then used to make up the entry form and certificate. Every child taking part receives a certificate made up from designs by local primary school children.

Small prizes have already been awarded to those pupils who came up with artwork that contributed toward the final certificate or entry form.

Submitted Treasure Hunt 2011 Artwork
Submitted Treasure Hunt 2011 Artwork

Prizes will also be awarded to the eagle-eyed pupils with the most correct answers on their entry form. There will be two prizes for each school: a £25 book voucher to the boy and the girl with the most correct answers from their school. If there is more than one sheet with all the answers right, the winners will be based on the tie-breaker, chosen by Dennistoun Community Council.

We hope that everyone taking part has fun doing it!

Thanks again to the local businesses for their co-operation with hosting the letters:

  • Duke Street: Keys Galore, Food & Fodder, Visual Impact, Joyce@Beverley’s, Florristers, NoProbsIT, Little Bratz, Flower Fusion, P. Toland Dentist, The Jewellery Box, CMF Hobbies, Hair By Linda, and Motherland.
  • Hillfoot Street: Robert Dick.
  • Alexandra Parade: Wm Blair, Eye Candy, and Hardware Hut.

Additional copies of the entry form can be downloaded here (PDF).  Guidance notes given to teachers can be downloaded here (PDF).

Edit: Please note that ‘5) John McDonald, 356 Duke Streetis unfortunately unable to participate in the event, so that section will be treated as void when tallying scores.  Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.


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