2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt Winners

2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt Winners
The winners, from Alexandra Parade Primary, Haghill Primary, and Golfhill Primary.

On Tuesday 11th October local MSP Paul Martin presented the 2011 Dennistoun Treasure Hunt prizes of a £25 book token, sponsored by Community Council, to the two winning children from each Dennistoun primary school.

The Treasure Hunt took place in the days before, during and after the September weekend and was open to all Dennistoun primary school children.  They had to find the wooden letter hidden in the windows of 18 participating businesses on Duke Street, Alexandra Parade, and Hillfoot Street, and complete a tiebreaker.  Every child that handed in an entry form received a certificate commemorating their achievement.  This design was based upon designs by the children themselves in a previous competition.

The winning tiebreaker answers:

“What Dennistoun needs is more activities in the park like boats in the pond and a skateboard rink. This would bring more people to the area and would generate more money for the area.” – P5B pupil, Alexandra Parade

“I love the rainy weather so I can splash in puddles with my wellies and also the big RAPA park where I play with my friends.” – P1A pupil, Alexandra Parade

“Dennistoun is great because there is a lovely park with beautiful flowers and roses. I like RAPA and the swings on the park. I meet a lot of friends on the street and at school.” – P1 pupil, Golfhill

“Dennistoun is great because everyone is friendly.” – P1 pupil, Golfhill

“What Dennistoun needs is more play parks.” – P5/6 pupil, Haghill

“Dennistoun is great because it has lots of shops and I really enjoyed doing this.” – P4 pupil, Haghill

“What Dennistoun needs is clubs for all ages that encourage people to live healthier lifestyles.” – P7B pupil, St Denis’

“Dennistoun is great because of all the shops are so near my house and RAPA is just round the corner from me.” – P1A pupil, St Denis’


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