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Time of One's Own: Leisure and Young People (1960s)
Time of One’s Own: Leisure and Young People (1960s) via Flickr

How did young Scots aged 15-19 use their free time in 1964? A University of Glasgow researcher, tried to find some answers to this question in the mid-1960s. From 1963 to 1966 she interviewed 600 young people in the 15-19 age range in Dennistoun, Drumchapel and Armadale, and consulted another 2400 in discussion groups and through written work.

Her conclusions are a fascinating insight into the period. Her book, ‘Time of One’s Own: Leisure and Young People‘ was published in 1967. As well as being a landmark of youth research, it is also a benchmark against which the changes and similarities in young people’s experiences can be measured.

Though there have been significant alterations to young people’s work, education, and leisure in Scotland since the 1960s, there are striking continuities in contemporary preferences for street-based leisure.

Today, a University of Glasgow researcher is looking to make contact with people of Dennistoun who have either lived in the area since the 1960s or who work with or support young people in the area aged 15-24.

The search is part of a project about young people’s lives in the East End – (Re)Imagining Youth – which aims to build on the pioneering research carried out in the 1960s in Glasgow and develop an understanding of the impact of social change on youth leisure.

More information can be found at the (Re)Imagining Youth website.

Contact Dr Lisa Whittaker via or Twitter @imaginingyouth if you’re able to contribute.


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