Statement Regarding Former Golfhill Primary School Development

Site of Proposed Development of Former Golfhill School
Site of Proposed Development of Former Golfhill School

Tuesday 26th September 2017


Dennistoun Community Council would like to take this opportunity to clarify their position in relation to the proposed development at Golfhill School, Dennistoun by Barony Homes.

In the recent amendments to the planning application, the architects Jewitt & Wilkie state in their DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT REV A PART 1 (page 12) that Dennistoun Community Council are supportive of the development. At the current time we feel this is an overstatement of our position.

While we are keen to remain in communications with Jewitt & Wilkie in relation to the development, we have submitted our objection in relation to

  • Insufficient parking spaces allocated for the number of flats being built.
  • There is no clear plan for control of vehicular access to and from the site.
  • The planning application has been completed stating there are no trees on the site.

In the most recent amendment to the planning application it is noted that there is a reduction in the one bedroom flats from 37 to 21 and an increase in two bedroom flats from 88 to 104 without any additional parking allocated. The current requirement from GCC is for 1.25 spaces per flat. This would raise further concerns about car parking allocation on site and on street adjacent to the site.

We welcome new development in Dennistoun but will continue to represent the opinions of local residents to ensure that any development is of benefit to the community.

Please follow our Facebook, Twitter and this website for future updates on this and other local matters. Please send feedback or comments to

Jacqueline Munro – Chair on behalf of Dennistoun Community Council

Our AGM will take place on Tuesday 10th October 2017 at 7pm, Whitehill Secondary School, Dennistoun.


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  1. Hello. I have just received your latest email on the developments of the old Golfhill Primary school site. I absolutely agree to all the points you have raised and show concerns about. It disturbs me when developers change their plans with no thought to the practical problems they will cause long term and I am pleased that you are voicing your concerns to them. I am interested to know what happens next.

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